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What boots to wear with jeans


What boots to wear with jeans


Jeans are everybody’s casual classic, ever ready to pull on whether it’s work or leisure you’re getting ready for. It’s always easy to pair a top with jeans, as they go with anything, from a T-shirt, shirt or sweater to a vest or crop top.

But footwear isn’t quite as straightforward – you need to get the subtleties to pull it off successfully. Your decision is based just as much on how formal the occasion is as whether they match each other. We’ve put together a quick and easy guide to help you choose the right footwear for jeans, focusing mainly on boots as they’re the most versatile option across the range of occasions.

What shoes go with jeans?

Jeans go with pretty much any shoes as long as they’re matched. A pair of heels sets off skinny women’s jeans perfectly, or your favourite trainers go with a pair of narrow fit jeans. Boots are a winner too, whether you wear them inside boot cut jeans or outside regulars.

For bridging the formal/casual divide, you can’t go wrong with a pair of brown chukka boots worn with a well-fitting pair of stretch men’s jeans. For women, a pair of shiny black Chelsea boots set off cropped jeans of any colour, or why not tuck some skinny jeans into a pair of knee-high boots and a loose top for that casual city look that never goes out of style?


You don’t just have to stick to neutral blacks and browns when it comes to pairing boots with jeans either, a pair of grey ankle boots in a soft leather or suede material can work just as well as a pair of black chelsea boots.

Can you wear boots with jeans?

Boots go perfectly with jeans – in fact, if you trace back through the history of jeans, they were initially worn as workwear, so would always have been worn with ankle boots of some description. The pairing always looks natural, however smart or casual the occasion.

When styling boots with jeans it’s important to ensure the fit of your jeans complements your style of boots, and likewise, making sure that the colours of your jeans and boots work well together and don’t clash.

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If you’re looking to achieve the full-on industrial look, wear your jeans with the classic Timberland 6 inch boot, best known as Yellow Boots. Men and women love the comfort and quality, but best of all is that balanced appearance that comes when you slip them on with a pair of faded blue jeans. For a more businesslike vibe, try matching jeans with black chukka boots – they finish off the style whether your jeans are black, white or coloured.

Are jeans smart?

Jeans are as smart as you make them. A well-cut pair of black stretch jeans or a narrow pair without distressing or rips can be indistinguishable from any other smart trousers without close inspection. Just finish the look with smart shoes and a shirt or well fitting sweater.

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Women often choose to wear heeled boots with a block heel with a pair of jeans when they’re rocking a smart look. For black ankle boots, the Allington boot looks amazing with slim fit high waisted jeans or straight fit jeans, their textured finish complementing the contours of the jean legs perfectly. Guys tend to go for Chelsea boots if they’re after a smarter appearance – these RR4610 Chelsea boots in brown look almost like fine polished oak, and are a sumptuous way to finish off a smart/casual crossover.

How to style jeans

The main thing to look for when styling jeans is whether the occasion is casual or a bit more formal, such as work. Then it’s just down to choosing the cut, the finish and what footwear, top and jacket to wear with them.

The great thing about jeans – and the reason they are so popular – is that styling them is a piece of cake. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie to styling jeans for fashion or you’re a denim connoisseur.

You can smarten up with leather shoes, narrow dark jeans and a buttoned-up shirt and you’ll be fine on a date, at a dinner party or perhaps at a job interview for a more laid back company. Alternatively, you can pull on a pair of ripped or distressed mom jeans, an old T-shirt and your coolest trainers when you’re hanging out with friends or heading for a day out in the summer.

Jeans are one of the few items of clothing where there are no real rules. They might not have the rebellious edge that they used to have, but they can form the basis of whatever look you’re going for, whether you mean business or are ready to paint the town red.

Boots and jeans – the perfect combination

Jeans were made for boots, so it’s no wonder that they work perfectly together in a whole host of contexts. The flattering silhouette of jeans means you’re free to express yourself above and below them, so you’ll often see them worn with high heel boots, rugged boots or something real smart like Chelsea boots or a good pair of chukkas.

At Timberland we’ve been making boots for decades, and most of the time they’ve been worn with jeans. That has influenced the shapes and styles we’ve come up with, but also the finishes and treatments we use on Timberland boots that help get Timberland lovers through the day.

Take a look through our collections of men’s boots and women’s boots if you’re style-conscious but need the highest quality footwear that’ll last you for years. We even cater for kids too – check out our brilliant collection of durable and comfortable boots for kids from early years to teens – you’ve got to start ’em young when it comes to style – and they’ll appreciate you for it later on.