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Reporting Counterfeit / Fake Product

Even the gear that protects you from the elements needs protection. When you see the Timberland® brand, we want you to know that the product stands up to our high standards–and yours. We're committed to ensuring that the Timberland® brand remains a reliable symbol of quality and integrity. But counterfeiting isn't just harmful to a brand–it is harmful to you, your way of life and society in general. Know the facts:

If you suspect a location or website is offering counterfeit Timberland® branded products, click here.

Why is counterfeiting wrong?

  • Counterfeiting is illegal.
  • Many manufacturers and suppliers of counterfeit products do not hold valid business licenses or pay taxes.
  • Counterfeit products are not manufactured with any type of quality or safety standards. Counterfeit products can be made with inferior materials and/or ingredients/components that are harmful both to people and the environment. These products can fall apart and/or cause consumers injury.
  • Production facilities used to manufacture counterfeit products many times use child or forced labor.
  • Research has shown that some counterfeit activity has funded organized crime syndicates and terrorist groups.
  • When you buy counterfeit products, you are funding and supporting these criminal activities.

Actions We Are Taking.

Timberland takes the issue of counterfeiting very seriously. We have an intensive global Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement Program to fight this ongoing problem. Below are some of the actions we are taking.

  • Timberland works closely with various government and enforcement agencies worldwide, including Customs, police departments, consumer protection agencies, Trading Standards, FBI, the US Department of Homeland Security, US Immigration, Customs Enforcement and more.
  • Timberland employs over 100 different law firms and investigation agencies worldwide for the purpose of protecting the Timberland® brand.
  • Timberland participates in numerous training sessions to educate the various government and enforcement agencies on how to distinguish genuine Timberland® branded products from counterfeit items.
  • Timberland participates in joint operations with other brands to make a larger impact with enforcement efforts.
  • Timberland is a member of numerous anti-counterfeiting and intellectual property groups, whose purpose is to combat the problem of global counterfeiting and lobby for new laws.

What You Can Do.

  • Educate yourself. Protect yourself. Take action.
  • Be wary of auction sites. There is no guarantee the item being offered is genuine.
  • Be suspicious of "look-a-like" sites. These clues will tell you that the site may not be legitimate:
    • Many counterfeit websites try to deceive consumers into thinking it is the authorized timberland.com website, by including the word "timberland" or a variation of the word, such as "tims" or "timbs" in the domain name.
    • These websites also copy the design or layout of the authorized timberland.com website.
    • Look for links on these particular sites that appear questionable (for example, links to other brands' websites, auction sites, blogs, etc.).
    • Look for contact information / email addresses that don't appear legitimate: timberlandemail@gmail.com, etc.
    • Look for misspelled words or grammatical errors.
    • Look for offers for bulk orders.
  • Be aware of product quality. Genuine Timberland® branded products are held to high quality standards related to materials, production, performance and chemical use. Counterfeit products will have defects, strong chemical odors, labels with unknown images or names, etc.
  • If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • If you suspect a location or website is offering counterfeit Timberland® branded products, click here. Timberland takes these matters seriously and investigates any lead that is reported by consumers.


Q: How do I know if I'm buying genuine Timberland® branded products from a trusted website?
A: Genuine Timberland® branded products can be purchased on www.timberland.com and www.timberland.co.uk as well as Timberland® Retail Outlets, Timberland® Factory Outlets and authorized retailers. You can find a list of shop locations online.

Q: Are there other websites that also sell genuine Timberland® branded products?
A: You can contact us with the name of the website in question. We will tell you if the website is authorized to sell genuine Timberland® branded products.

Q: What are the risks of buying products from a retailer or website that is not authorized by Timberland?
A: You can't be certain you're buying a genuine Timberland® branded product. The product may be counterfeit and made with dangerous components that are unsafe, or pose a risk your health. You could also be providing your personal and financial information to criminals.

Q: I have already bought some Timberland® branded products. How can I make sure they're genuine?
A: You can contact us with your specific inquiry. You will be given instructions for the authentication process.

Q: What is Timberland doing about this problem?
A: Timberland takes the issue of counterfeiting very seriously. Refer to the "Actions We Are Taking." section for more information.

Q: What common mistakes are made on counterfeit sites?
A: There are obvious things you can look for. Please refer to the "What You Can Do" section above for details.